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The La Serena Apartments are befitting of their name.  The setting is indeed serene, and features extensive landscaping. The courtyard atmosphere is both inviting and attractive.  Consisting of 37 2-bedroom, 1-bath units, as well as one 3-bedroom unit, these apartments feature lovely front patios in addition to ample living spaces.  Onsite features include an abundance of covered parking, a swimming pool, and onsite laundry facilities.

This community provides many amenities to our tenants, including the following:

  • watermark_bullet_red Large, 2-bedroom, 1-bath units (plus one 3-bedroom unit)*
  • watermark_bullet_red-3 Large swimming pool and picnic area
  • watermark_bullet_red-4 Hardwood-like vinyl plank flooring throughout living areas
  • watermark_bullet_red-5 Ceiling fans
  • watermark_bullet_red-6 Fully remodeled kitchens with stainless steel appliances
  • watermark_bullet_red-7 Mirrored closets
  • watermark_bullet_red-8 Generous cabinet space
  • watermark_bullet_red-9 Large, onsite laundry facility with convenient laundry card system
  • watermark_bullet_red-10 Ample parking onsite
  • watermark_bullet_red Attentive onsite staff
Come check out the La Serena Apartments.  If you are looking for affordability and comfort, and more amenities than what you are used to, you will love it!

*Floor plans may vary depending on unit.
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CONTACT US: 760-796-4048